Fact #9

72% of Minnesotans believe there ought to be laws that require communities to build necessary sidewalks and bike paths.

Fact #8

93% of Minnesotans believe future transportation projects should integrate walkers, bicycles, and motorized vehicles.

Fact #7

28,036 Duluthians are overweight, and an additional 8,489 are obese.

Fact #6

9,489 Duluthians are living with obesity related issues.

No part of Lincoln Park neighborhoods is even 1 mile walk away from a grocery store

Less than half of Duluthians had fresh fruits and vegetables in home yesterday.

Fact #3

The average American consumes 50 gallons of soda each year.

Fact #2

At least 15 minutes of exercise per day adds an average of three years to a person’s life.

Fact #1

1 in 4 Duluthians eat fast food three or more times per week.

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