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Community Initiatives

Healthy Duluth is always working to better understand all of the great work happening around health and health equity in our community, and always interested in helping to network those who are doing it.


We organize this work into the 5 basic categories below. We hope this catalogue of initiatives, ideas, and efforts can help spur further support, discussion, and connections between the many people working each day to improve the health of our community. We also hope this catalogue can be a resource for funders, policy makers, and action organizations looking to better understand the local landscape of health and health equity related work. We think the ideas below are worth supporting and that when implemented, will have significant and meaningful impact on the quality of life in Duluth and the surrounding cities and towns.


Lastly, you’ll notice we try to highlight initiatives that are long term policy, systems, or built environment (PSE) change efforts. Healthy Duluth has made an organizational commitment to focusing on PSE change in the hope that those changes are long lasting, culture changing investments of time, energy, and resources.

A Comprehensively Healthy Local Food Environment

That all residents in Duluth have convenient and affordable access to fresh, healthy, whole foods on a regular basis all year long and that our residents know how to prepare those fresh and healthy foods. Additionally, that our community continues to work toward a food system that improves the capacity of local growers and producers, while recognizing the positive environmental and economic impacts of a more locally based food system.

Balanced and Diverse Community Transportation System

That Duluth has a balanced community transportation system that meets the needs of all users, regardless of demographics. That the transportation system supports active living, a healthy environment, economic opportunity, and provides an overall improvement to the quality of life in Duluth for all users.

Equitable Access to Health Care and Preventative Treatments

That all residents of Duluth will have convenient and affordable access to healthcare regardless of socioeconomic factors.

Institutional Commitments to a Healthy Lifestyle and Health Equity

(Schools/Hospitals/Workplaces, etc.)
To help support partnerships with, or initiatives within, the schools and colleges, health care institutions, and other major public or private organizations that will positively reflect a commitment to health and wellness, and health equity.

Robust and Equitable Active Recreational Opportunities

To ensure access to green space, trails, sports leagues, and all sorts of active recreation in a way that is safe and available to all residents of Duluth, regardless of which neighborhood they live in, or how much money their family earns. This might include trail connectivity, more playgrounds, or a long term plan to improve park maintenance. But in all cases, people should be able to get out and have fun, enjoy nature, and be active safely and affordably.

Action Alerts

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