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Day 2 and Day 8 Test to Release Explained

The new Corona Virus Disease 2019, widely recognized as COVID-19, is a lethal disease that quickly spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs and sneezes. Whatever blobs, such as saliva or discharge from the nose of a COVID-19 patient, will instantly afflict those around them. 

The fatal virus’s origin is in Wuhan, China. It began to diffuse around the city on the thirty-first (31st) of December 2019. The infection caused so many deaths that the authorities immediately raised a red flag for an epidemic alarm. Closing tourist vacations, holding down any form of transportation, and not letting those affected walk around the streets freely. 

Nonetheless, an Ophthalmologist has broadcast a controversial dispatch in Wuhan Central Hospital named Dr. Li Wenliang even before the contagion disperse. Dr. Li avowed to the masses about the pneumonia-like disease that has a significant tendency of becoming an outbreak. He determined that his accusations were legitimate, considering at least seven (7) cases of the virus that looked like the Severe Acute Syndrome or SARS (SARS was the virus that led to a global epidemic back in 2003) were rushed to the hospital. Dr. Li. All the patients that arrived in their emergency room came from the Huanan Seafood Market as they put the patients in quarantine at the hospital. 

Days after the patients’ arrival, Dr. Li began experiencing SARS-like symptoms himself. There he began to ultimately raise awareness in the social media platform – to which police officials gave him a visit, telling him to stop. 

On the 30th day of December, Dr. Lee sent a message to his fellow doctors to wear PPEs and any protective medical gear to avoid infection. The Ophthalmologist died of illness, despite the treatments for his health condition. Before he died, he was not aware that the SARS-like disease he discovered is now a new worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, the WHO and global administrations establish different tests like PCR testfit to fly COVID test that provides fit to fly certificate for tourists and OFWs, and the newest Day Two (2) and Day Eight (8) testing for International arrivals. 

Read and be educated more about the Day Two (2) and Day Eight (8) Test to release as Harley Medic International developed an infographic to explain the said health assays: