What is the Hemoglobin A1C Blood Test?

What is the Hemoglobin A1C blood test? Here are some facts to help you understand the test’s meaning. Also, learn what happens if you have a variant of haemoglobin. The HbA1c blood test may be unreliable in some people. If you are worried about your test results, consider the following tips to keep your levels under control.

Haemoglobin A1c test

A Hemoglobin A1C blood test is a test that measures your overall haemoglobin level. The normal range is less than 5.7% and 6.5 %. If your A1C level is higher than these ranges, you might have diabetes or prediabetes. Thankfully, lifestyle changes and medications can help you bring your HbA1C levels down. If you want to get this blood test, here are some tips to help you find a lab near you.

Haemoglobin A1c test results

A Haemoglobin A1c test is performed on the patient after a blood sample is taken using a fingerstick. A special substance is mixed with the sample, and the sample is placed into a cartridge for testing. The results are then available online or via mail. The patient can then discuss the results with their doctor if desired. They may request additional testing to determine the severity of their condition.

Keeping your HbA1c levels under control

Managing your lifestyle is essential for keeping your HbA1c levels under control. A well-balanced diet rich in protein, moderate carbohydrates, and low levels of fat can lower A1c levels. A diet high in fibre is also helpful. Eliminating certain foods, such as dairy, gluten, and corn may also be beneficial. But remember, these changes are not easy. In order to succeed, you need to make them a habit.

Hemoglobin A1c test unreliable for people with a haemoglobin variant

If you’re of African, Mediterranean, or Southeast Asian descent, you may be at risk for an unreliable Hemoglobin A1C blood test. Similarly, people with sickle cell anaemia are likely to have a haemoglobin variant that interferes with some A1C tests. Although most people don’t have symptoms of haemoglobin variants, healthcare providers may suspect this if their A1C results don’t match up.

Getting an HbA1c test

An HbA1c blood test is used to check your sugar levels. The higher your HbA1c level, the greater the risk of developing diabetes. The test can also be used to diagnose diabetes. A level of 48 mmol/mol (6.5%) or higher is considered diagnostic for diabetics. Levels in the range of 42-47 mmol/mol (6.0-6.5%) are considered borderline high for people with diabetes.

Cost of an HbA1c test

Regardless of your insurance coverage, the cost of an HbA1c blood test may be more than you expect. Although many private health insurance companies and Medicare cover vital blood tests, some do not. However, most health insurance policies cover the cost of the Hemoglobin A1C blood test up to two times per year. You will have to pay for additional tests that you order more than twice a year.

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