Maintain your summer and winter tyres

When it comes to maintaining your summer tyres, there are some simple things that you should learn.

The first one of them is that the pressure of your tyres is critical. You should check the pressure of your summer tyres at least once per month. When doing that, make sure that your tyres are cold, because that way you will get more accurate results. If you have correctly pressured tyres, you can drive your car easier, the roll resistance will be lower. Also, your tyres will last longer if you have the correct tyre pressure.

Another thing you need to inspect is the tread wear of your tyres. You should regularly check your tyre for any cuts or uneven wear. You should check the rims to see if they are in good condition as well. This is necessary so that you can fix a problem in your tyre by spotting it early before it becomes a nuisance. If your tyre is unevenly worn, then it means that there is not enough pressure in your tyre while you are driving it. Tyres tend to have wear indicators in the pattern. These will tell you when your tyre needs to be replaced; they are usually small dents in the wheels that show when you need to change your tyre. Worn out tyres are not safe to drive with as the performance is drastically reduced.

If you have problems with your summer tyres, you must get them checked immediately by a professional tyre service centre to ensure you are safe to drive. Maintenance is essential if you want your tyres to maintain their performance. By following these tips, you should be able to keep your summer tyres for a long time without any problems.

The situation is similar for your winter tyres, with a few differences. Especially if you have winter tyres with studs. For studded tyres, you have to make sure that you drive the first 500km carefully to allow the studs to set properly. You might otherwise lose some of the studs. You should also check that there is not more than a 25% difference in the number of studs between the tyres.

When you change between summer and winter tyres, you need to make sure that you rotate the position of the tyres to even out differences between the front position and the rear position. You should not have more than a 2-3 mm difference in the tread before you need to rotate the tyres. It is often enough to do it when you change the between summer and winter tyres, but it might be needed to do it more often with electric vehicles.

You should also store the tyres correctly between the seasons. Wash the tyres and the rims before you store them and mark them properly, so you know what position they were in. Then they should be stored out of direct sunlight and any UV. The best is to let the tyre shop store the tyres for you.

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