Ways to improve your summer driving

There are some ways to improve driving during the summer. You need to make sure that the car is in good condition, and then you need to make sure that also your tyres are safe to drive with. The vehicle will need to have good functioning shock absorbers, and also, the brakes need to be checked by a service centre to see that they are functioning ok. With functioning brakes and shock absorbers, your drive will be smooth. Then you need to ensure sure that the tyres are also in good condition.

The tyres will need to be free from damages, as it isn’t safe to drive with tyres that could be damaged and might blow out while driving. The tyres should also have a tread depth of more than 4 mm for them to be able to provide sufficient grip, braking distance, wet grip and ability to prevent aquaplaning. All these are important properties for driving performance and safety. This means that once you go below 4 mm, you need to replace all four tyres with a new set. You want to achieve it so that all the four tyres are replaced at the same time. By rotating the tyres, you even out differences in the wear that can arise from different wear between the front and the rear tyre pairs.

The tyres will have a big impact on your car’s performance, and they will enable the car to deliver the intended performance without skidding and losing control. You, therefore, need to have premium tyres. The tyres need to be filled up so that they have the correct tyre pressure. This is needed to be able to deliver the intended performance. The premium tyres tend to also last longer so you don’t have to keep purchasing a new set all the time.

You also need to have the correct tyres for the summer season, which in most cases are summer tyres. Summer tyres gives you the best performance during the summer and are great at preventing aquaplaning when you have very wet roads or heavy rain. They will also have good wet grip, which you can find on the EU tyre label for reference. During the summer you could also be driving with all-season tyres, as you might only be using one set of tyres for the while season.

For most of us others, we tend to change to winter tyres once the winter season is over and then change back to summer tyres once we the summer season is approaching. The timing of change is of utter importance as you don’t want to end up with summer tyres on the car and you already have snow on the roads. Then you also want to change back to your summer tyres once the snow has disappeared and the spring has started, and you can again do the above to again improve your summer driving.

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